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This is the main page for BOFHNet. We hope you find this website informative.

What is BOFHNet?

BOFHNet is the name of our IRC network, which intends to provide a suitable chatting environment for everyone. We encourage freedom of speech. However, please exercise consideration for other users.

What BOFHNet is not:

BOFHNet radio coming soon! Watch this space for broadcast schedules, and other station information.


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These are links I, the webmaster and others deem to be interesting. Enjoy! Robert Steele's presentation on Open Source Intelligence Description taken from Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Spying, 9-11, and Why We Continue to Screw Up: Robert Steele Two 30 minute PowerPoint slide shows will be presented, followed by as much discussion as desired. The first, "9-11, U.S. Intelligence, and the Real World," will discuss the specifics of how we failed and why we will continue to fail. The second, "The Failure of 20th Century Intelligence," will discuss the specifics of how American intelligence has blown it in collection, in processing, in analysis, in leadership, and in mindset. If desired, for those who last into the night, other briefs will be available, including "New Rules for the New Craft of Intelligence" and "The Literature of Intelligence: Why People Hate Us and Why We Don't Get It."

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